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☆彡Today’s mission :Talking about Likes

★Today’s words
・watashiwa(わたしは) : I
・suki-desu(すき-です): like
・eiga(えいが): movie
・ongaku(おんがく): music
・hon(ほん): book
・doubutsu(どうぶつ): animal


★Today’s phrase
Watashi wa ~ga suki-desu. : I like~.

Watashi wa eiga ga suki-desu. :I like movies.
Watashi wa ongaku ga suki-desu. : I like music.
Watashi wa spõtsu  ga suki-desu. : I like sports.
Watashi wa hon ga suki-desu. : I like books.
Watashi wa doubutsu ga suki-desu. : I like animals.

Try to make sentences!
1 I like sports. →
2 I like animals. →
3 I like books. →
4 I like music. →
5 I like movies. →

~Well done! Thank you for trying~
Mission Complete✨



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